Webinar #1: Build a brand, earn a grand

In a Digital World, your brand speaks for you at all times. The proper usage of digital tools helps you make your brand ever-present before your target audience, regardless of distance.

Misconceptions about branding

Branding misconceptions is an intriguing realization about branding. These misconceptions are not so much so an individual limitation but an error of generalization. By understanding these misconceptions, as a business owner or entrepreneur, you will build a strong brand. Some of these misconceptions are: 

  1. A brand is a logo.
  2. A brand is a Name.
  3. A brand is a Product.

These are examples of standard definitions of a brand. Unfortunately, these definitions do not explain branding well and make them an incorrect description of a brand. 

  1. A brand is Not a logo.
  2. A brand is NOT a Name.
  3. A brand is NOT a Product.

A logo, name, service, or product are essential parts of a business or personal brand. However, they are not what a brand is. Instead, they are brand identifiers. They help emphasize the meaning of a brand.

So What Is Branding ????

The idea, the need, the system, and the pattern are all important to consider in branding. A Brand is a reputation you intend to communicate, and you use identifiers to achieve this purpose efficiently.

A Brand Is Your Reputation

Like in the previous slide, the reputation of a person or a company is the invisible essence that constantly builds the influence sought after in a particular specialty area.

Branding is an integral part of business, don’t ignore it.

Your brand is the way your customer perceives you. Therefore, you must build a brand experience that aligns with what you want to have. Many small organizations neglect to spend the necessary time thinking about their brand in this broad sense and its impact on their business. A good brand doesn’t just happen. Instead, it is a well-thought-out and strategic plan.

Branding in a Virtual World

The world has evolved over the years to a digital marketplace. With the recent pandemic, familiarity with the digital tools can no longer be overlooked. Regardless of your Technological skills, the internet is essential. The fast-growing use of organic computer traction is an advantage in a virtually oriented world.


Branding is the core of human existence—building on human curiosity and instincts. A personal brand is an idea you infuse into the mind of your world. Branding is the intentional perception you create and offer your world at every time, with the direct aim of establishing public influence and authority in a specific area or industry.

Website – Business Brand

A website is integral to a business brand. Your website is your home. You can decorate and portray it as you please. On your website, you make the rules. Instead of growing a business on a “rented” social media platform, where you can get kicked out, hacked, or shadow-banned, you own your website. Investing in a website is key to building a long-lasting brand.

Tell Your story with your website.

Your website should portray your vision, values, and company culture. Your website empowers you to showcase what you and your business stand for. A website allows you to distinguish yourself from competitors.

Your fonts, color, site layout needs to align perfectly to portray your brand. A well-designed website is a work of art, a synergy of numerous small details working together flawlessly to attract customers and convert them to paying customers.

Tell your story with your website. You started your website for a reason. Be sure to let the world know and use that as leverage to acquire paying customers. Also, be sure to add value to your website visitors by providing an exceptional experience and valuable information for information seekers.

Social Media Branding

You may be wondering what social media branding is or might have an idea of what it might be. You have come to the right place to learn more about social media branding. Social media branding is about consistently using creative methods to engage your target audience on social media platforms. The aim or purpose is to boost brand awareness. Branding is a must for any business that wants to generate long-term business.

Brand Appearance

Brand Appearance: Traditionally, a brand was regarded as the logo, name, colors, or image consumers associate with a company. Here are some tips to improve your social media pages like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

First, perform a social media audit across all of your accounts. Always ensure logos, banners, bios, and handles are consistent with your brand guidelines. Second, make sure you’re posting on a consistent schedule consistently and that your content aligns with the look and feel of the branding you’ve established.

Knowing your platform

Instagram: This is social media is for pictures and videos that are from 50secs to 3 minutes due to the attention span of humans. You shouldn’t post a 20-minute video on Instagram.

Snapchat: This media platform is for the behind the scene. Here you can post un-edit videos for your viewers to view without being too professional. Snapchat is also geared towards the younger generation.

Twitter: This social media is primarily text-based. Controversial topics and memes trend faster on this platform.

Tiktok: This social media audience is essentially teenagers, but all ages exist on the platform. Fifteen seconds is all you need to post on the platform, and anything longer would cause viewers to skip your post.

Facebook: This social media is geared towards the older generation and is an all-rounder for anything you’d like to do on the platform.


Hoping on the Trends and Memes bandwagon is the best way to get your business out there. Many consumers skip ads whenever they can. Marketing with humor and familiar media can engage these hard-to-reach consumers. For professional storytellers—digital marketers, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and creative pros—meme marketing can be an extremely low-cost way to create engaging content that attracts a following.

Content in Branding

“Content is king,” a phrase that became widely popular after Billionaire tech giant Bill Gates wrote an article of this title. The essay explained how content would be what made real money in this new digital age. Research shows that Blogs remain the most significant way to increase your audience.

Identify your Target Audience

Whether you are a business or an individual, you have to understand your audience. What do they like? Understanding and utilizing this consumer-focused marketing strategy is known as Content Marketing.

Many who began small businesses or became entrepreneurs —because they wanted to do what they loved— can acknowledge that their business growth was a result of consistency and people’s honest admiration of what they had to offer. You probably got a lot of traction and following at first, then it stopped. The truth is there is a cap, a ceiling, you may say, where if you don’t start realizing and following what your audience loves, your growth will stagnate or slow.

To get your brand to make cash, you have to be customer-focused. Your brand must be the following Relevant, Attractive, Consistent, Memorable to your audience.

Consistency stands out because, in this day and age, it’s the most important.

Introducing Your Brand

To earn a strong brand, you must carefully introduce it to your audience. How? Your brand must have a mission, mission statement, vision, and values. The mission, mission statement, vision, and values should be consistent and straightforward. Your audience should not be confused about your brand.

Also, the color you pick for your brand is quite important. Different colors mean different things, and you should choose a color that fits your brand.

Green – peaceful & health

Red – Excitement, bold & youthful

Blue – security & dependable

Purple – creative & wise

Remember, don’t pick your brand color only because it is your favorite color.

Brand = CASH

Your brand will make you money. Your brand is not only your passion, and it absolutely can earn you money. How? By becoming a thought leader in your field. When you become a thought leader in your area, you will obtain endorsement deals, advertisement deals, and even earn from selling books, training videos, etc. So keep learning, keep publishing consistently whatever your brand is, be creative. I assure you your brand will earn you the grand you deserve.

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